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> On 6/10/11 9:27 PM, Tariel Gogoberidze wrote:
>> Dave Cragg was maintaining documentation
>> at<http://www.lacscentre.com/liburl/releases.html>  but the latest
>> release notes are about vs 1.1.6 and I can't find any LibURL vs 1.2
>> release notes in LiveCode IDE as well.
> RR took over maintenance a couple of years ago. I think the only changes 
> are mentioned as vague references in older release notes. But in general 
> they haven't added or removed anything, just fixed a few bugs as far as 
> I know.
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Right. Since I posted I compared scripts in BBEdit (BTW under "search" menu 
they have "compare two front documents" feature, works really well)

There are 32 changes between 1.1.6 and 1.2.0, mostly bug fixes, some of fixes 

# I.M 2010.03.24  with engine versions < 4.5 calling hostnametoaddress with an 
extra parameter will throw an error, so encase in a try ... catch block and 
call without callback handler
# I.M. 2010-03-11  Need to check result and handle immediate failure where no 
callback message will be sent

# OK-2009-03-25 : Bug 7837 - Error code 624 means user interrupt. In this case 
we unblock and exit to top,
# to allow users to abort loops containing locking url accesses.
# MW-2011-04-23: [[ Bug 9520 ]] HTTP headers don't necessarily have a space 
after the ':'.
# OK-2008-09-19 : fixed unquoted literal
# MW-2010-10-12: [[ Bug 8655 ]] Applying patch suggested in bug report. 
# OK-2008-09-19 : Added for revOnline to allow post commands to be cancelled.  
not sure if this works yet...

Also, httpHeaders parsing  improved, HostNameToAddressCallback improved, some 
changes in HTTPs


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