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could you shed some light on my question below?

Thank you for your patience. As you've seen from my posts to the use-livecode list, it's been a hectic period here overcoming challenges with CLUIs and other things, but I agree this is important so let's address it:

Hello Richard,

Is it still too early to ask or could you tell us when the new
standalone builder could be released?

We are thankful for your commitment to manage this task.

I'll try to make some time to come into the office on Saturday to wrap that up and post it.

It currently only handles Mac, Win, and Linux, so if you need RevWeb or anything else you're on your own for that (though contributions to enhancing the new SB are welcome- let's discuss strategies for implementation if you're interested).

There's an annoyance in the current design in which it requires you to point to a folder containing your Runtime engines; it figures out where to find the appropriate engine from there, but does require that you have such a folder.

One of the revisions I want to make Sat. is to remove the requirement to pull out your Runtime folder, and let you instead simply point to your LiveCode folder/.app.

Even better would be to find it for you, but I don't believe the MC IDE currently provides a preference setting to store the path to your LC installation.

@Ken: Could we provide such a preference? This could be very useful for all sorts of things, from managing externals to finding documentation elements and more, obviating the need to replicate any of those files.

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