Sorry Wilhelm, misread your post - ignore what I said in my previous post to
the list.

> My proposal is to allow to point to the "runtime" folder only, which
> could be copied into the Metacard folder. This would mean that you need
> not have both the full Metacard and Livecode installations on the same
> computer (for example on a laptop). If the presence of a complete
> Livecode folder would be needed, why should we use an extra MC
> Standalone Builder?, provided of course the Livecode SB would function
> as expected without such peculiarities as it had often shown in the past
> like endless build times etc..

That's the rub... even if the LC SB worked perfectly, it would still be a
pain to develop in the MC IDE and then have to switch out to LC in order to
build a standalone.

We're trying to accommodate those that use MC *and* LC as well as those
using MC only, so we should come up with a good way to do that; pointing to
only the Runtime folder might be a way to do it...

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