I wasn't sure what to write in the subject.

I have a script in a button which asks questions that fills in a form which adds bought items to an inventory stack. After each item is added one is asked if there are more items to add, if yes script jumps to a function which will repeat most of the questions. And so on. In middle of the script a list field is opened where the user will click/choose a line. The field is then closed and one is supposed to get back to the first script and continue the questions. This is where I can't figure out how to pause the first script so it waits until the list field is clicked and closed and the continues. What is the smartest way (or any way) to solve this?

The thing is I think I had some solution for this in my first game but since my brain is a fraction of what it was due to my illness I can't remember.

Any suggestions much appreciated.
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