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> Hi friends,
> Am 01.11.2011 um 18:40 schrieb Klaus on-rev:
>> Hi friends,
>> someone also experienced that with engine 5.0.0
>> newly created objects do not have a name!?
> this still applies to the new 5.02 engine, published today.
> Is there any front- or backscript in the MC IDE, where we could 
> "correct" this behaviour somehow? I forgot about this…

BTW: I checked under MC 4, and it seems that the only object that ever got a 
name was a button ("New Button"); all the other objects started without names. 
Does this sound right to you? If so, I'll fix the IDE to put the name back in 
for buttons only (as an option, so those who like it the "new" way can leave it 
that way).

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