It's Alain, the HyperCard Pantechnicon host.. I have been using HyperCard since 
1986, MetaCard 2.5 since 1996, but I never made the leap to RunRev, 
specifically LiveCode these days. Now I am seriously considering it, so I have 
some questions for y'all:

* With MetaCard 2.5, above a [few] thousand cards, performance slowed down 

Is Rev faster than this? Can Rev handle tens-of-thousands of cards? Would it 
require Valentina?
Does Rev support mySQL databases ?

* MetaCard started in the UNIX world, was then ported to windows, then ported 
to Mac.
Does Rev run on Linux? Does Rev run on Debian ?

* Rev's web plugin is available for which browsers ?

FireFox ?IceWeasel? Chrome ?

* Is there a Rev licence that allows standalones ? If so, how much does it cost 

* Best way(s) to learn LiveCode ?

Thanks y'all, and I hope that I will be joining you soon,  :)

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