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It's Alain, the HyperCard Pantechnicon host.. I have been using HyperCard since 1986, MetaCard 2.5 since 1996, but I never made the leap to RunRev, specifically LiveCode these days. Now I am seriously considering it, so I have some questions for y'all:

* With MetaCard 2.5, above a [few] thousand cards, performance slowed down dramatically.
Is Rev faster than this? Can Rev handle tens-of-thousands of cards?
I believe so.
Would it require Valentina?
Does Rev support mySQL databases ?
Drivers exist for some databases including Valentina.

* MetaCard started in the UNIX world, was then ported to windows, then ported to Mac.
Does Rev run on Linux? Does Rev run on Debian ?
Yes to Linux.  Not sure about Debian.

* Rev's web plugin is available for which browsers ?
FireFox ?IceWeasel? Chrome ?
Unfortunately RunRev has discontinued all support of the plugin. It's currently broken with no plans from RunRev to fix it.

* Is there a Rev licence that allows standalones ? If so, how much does it cost ?
I think it's about $400.  They might have lowered this fee.

* Best way(s) to learn LiveCode ?
Alain, as far as I can tell RunRev is concentrating all their efforts in the mobile app arena. You can of course still use Livecode to create traditional desktop apps, however, if you're looking to create web applications you're probably better off with something like Construct 2 which exports directly to HTML5.


Ray Horsley

Thanks y'all, and I hope that I will be joining you soon,  :)


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