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It's Alain, the HyperCard Pantechnicon host.. I have been using
HyperCard since 1986, MetaCard 2.5 since 1996, but I never made the leap
to RunRev, specifically LiveCode these days. Now I am seriously
considering it, so I have some questions for y'all:

* With MetaCard 2.5, above a [few] thousand cards, performance slowed
down dramatically.
Is Rev faster than this? Can Rev handle tens-of-thousands of cards?

MC is just a collection of stacks; the engine is the same regardless which stacks one uses for the IDE.

Would it require Valentina?

Valentina is supported, but not required.

Does Rev support mySQL databases ?

MySQL, SQLite, and ODBC are supported. If relationality isn't a key feature of your data you may also store data in custom properties, or in arrays run through arrayEncode for saving.

* MetaCard started in the UNIX world, was then ported to windows, then
ported to Mac.
Does Rev run on Linux? Does Rev run on Debian ?

LiveCode runs well on Debian, and Debian-based distros like Ubuntu, Mind, and others. It also runs well on Red Hat, and most other distros that meet the requirements list here under the Linux section:

FWIW, I know split most of my development time between OS X and Ubuntu these days, and find recent versions of LiveCode very productive on Linux. Still not quite at feature parity with other platforms for a few things like video playback (QT dependency; also FUBAR on Windows without QT), but most core features run well.

* Rev's web plugin is available for which browsers ?
FireFox ?IceWeasel? Chrome ?

RevWeb has been discontinued, primarily because of significant differences among browsers with regard to 32-bit plugins.

* Is there a Rev licence that allows standalones ? If so, how much does
it cost ?

I believe all licenses allow standalones.

* Best way(s) to learn LiveCode ?

Start coding. :)

You may also want to join the forums:

Thanks y'all, and I hope that I will be joining you soon,  :)


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