This list is pretty much deserted now. Most of your questions have been discussed on the LiveCode list many times. You can look in the archives here:

Basically the only difference is there is no password protection in the OSS version, and you must distribute your source code with anything you release.

You really should be on the LiveCode list, or the forums.

On 5/8/13 2:10 AM, Alain Farmer wrote:
Hello y'all,

I have just installed the open-source version of LiveCode.

Am I correct when I say that it is LiveCode in its entirety ?
Are there features that are only available in the for-money version ?

Is the only requirement that we share what we develop ?

How is this sharing being handled ?
Have any of you adopted Gitorious and/or GitHub ?

I've got TONS of generic handlers that I've developed over the years (with 
MetaCard 2.5).
How should I share these with y'all ?
Are we just sharing completed apps ?

LiveCode supports the following HTTP methods : GET, POST
I need to know whether LiveCode supports the following HTTP methods : PUT, 
If not, whether these additional http-methods can be scripted with LiveCode? or 
anything else.

I've gotten a couple of replies, that last time I asked about this.
I will be re-contacting these people, in the coming days.


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