Dear Sean,
thats are realy great news.
Congratulations Robert !!
Absolutely incredible!
I can not wait to see the first photos.....
Best regards Mirko

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>Von: Sean T. Murray <>
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>Gesendet: 22:31 Dienstag, 24.April 2012
>Betreff: [meteorite-list] New California meteorite found!
>It is an honor to announce that, at 11:00 am local, Robert Ward was the first 
>to recover a stone from the April 22, 2012, California fireball --  which was 
>evidently generated by a large, carbonaceous CM mass. Robert is now 
>responsible for the initial recovery of two-out-of-three-ever California 
>witnessed falls, including Red Canyon Lake.
>Congratulations, to Robert!
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