(April 25, 2012)

Dear meteorite friends,

Yes, here are finally the probably much expected details about the next “Ensisheim-2012” meteorite show.

Each year, I used to send you the show flyer earlier in time and then some more specific news. I also used to regularly reply many of your requests for table reservations…
This year I remained unexpectedly silent.


As some of you might know, my recent long silence on the mail was due to some serious health problems that quenched me in hospital and recovery centers for almost 3 months.

In short, on January 9, I had to enter hospital for the heart surgery that was programmed since long months. I expected to stay silent for a reasonable period of about one month, this including the surgical operation (double coronary artery bypass) and the consequent recovery.

Unfortunately, 2 days after the surgery, I got, very unexpectedly, a pulmonary embolism while still in hospital room, that resulted in a shock (coma) for 11 full days, before I was again awakened. I don't even remember what happened but when I woke, I had lost some 20 kg, almost all my
muscles and the faculty to breathe correctly.

Fortunately the bypass operation was a total success so that I was first brought to the emergency department of the hospital for a preliminary 18 days health recovery, then to a separate institute where I spent 5 other weeks to recover physically (learning to walk again
correctly, then intensive physical training).

The happy news is that all went well as hoped, that neither the coma nor the pulmonary embolism (that also completely vanished) did not result in any adverse sequel, and that I
have now completely recovered my former health, with, in addition, "brand new
heart arteries".

Since the end of March, am in my Belgian home until May 6th for convalescence and a welcome rest. On May 7th, I will be again in Mulhouse, in direct connection (though this connection is permanent wherever I am, should the computer cooperate –see below).

I want to apologize to all of you who had sent me messages, for my silence.
Recently I started to read most of them but then my computer also caught some disease and did not fully cooperate.

Today most of these electronic problems are solved and I could finalize the Ensisheim flyers, so I can follow up with these news.

The hours and days that follow will be devoted to answer specifically all your numerous questions and requests. Please don’t be upset and accept my sincere apologizes for my very late answer. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Please find here down the official announcement of the 13th edition of our “ENSISHEIM SHOW” that I traditionally use to forward to all of you who are on my mailing list.


Yes, definitely, the 13th edition of our “ENSISHEIM SHOW” (« Ensisheim-meteorite 2012») is well scheduled for next June. As every year, please find here again, as a preview, a summary of the main features and issues relative to the 2012 event. This info completes the official flyer that I will be glad to forward you individually, upon request.


Saturday June 16 (9:30-18:00) and Sunday June 17 (9:30-16:00), 2012 (the weekend preceding the famous “Mineral & Gem” show that is held in Ste Marie-aux-Mines, relatively nearby (~ 80 km) (not to be confused with the “Euro Mineral and Euro Gem 2012”, formely scheduled at the Colmar exhibition grounds at the same dates, now officially cancelled)


Main theme: “Meteorites in History” (thus what we use to call “HISTORICAL METEORITES”).
Side theme: “Draveil meteorite, a 2011 Franch fall”


Friday 15th is the "DEALER’S DAY" devoted for tables/booth set up. As last year, the Regency Palace rooms are exclusively open to dealers (14:00 - 18:00), and NOT to the public. Those (non-registered dealers) who exceptionally wish to visit the show rooms during table installment on Friday afternoon must ask for a special visit card (badge) and should pay a “discouraging” 5 euro entrance fee…

Note : dealers can also (continue to) set up their booths on Saturday 16th morning (7:30 – 9:30) before the official show opening.

The Regency Palace halls & rooms close on Friday 18:00.
Gathering at the main square is scheduled for 18:15 when the opening ceremonies start: welcome address, enthroning ceremonies, friendly drink & tastings offered to dealers & invited friends… Between 18:00 and 18:15, you have the option to rapidly visit the thematic exhibit (historical meteorite display) in the Regency museum, where I will take a real pleasure to guide you.


The traditional Friday Dinner Party starts at 20:00 on the main square, inside the large tent, thus almost in the open air.

This party is now becoming UNAVOIDABLE (meaning it is more than recommended).
It is there that folks from all around the vast world meet, make friends, set business, start deals…. Everybody (emperors, kings, presidents, scientists, curators, organizers, leaders or dealers, relatives, close (M or F) friends, distant friends, strewnfield explorers, unknowns, tramps, outlaws (?),... attending (or not) the dealer's day & enthroning ceremonies & the "friendly drink", is WARMLY WELCOME!

In mid June, the climate is generally mild to hot (the mini cold wave experienced in 2010 is relatively unlikely), though scattered (thunder)storms are never excluded. And even if you plan to stay in the tent and have the “after-meal-fun”, bear in mind that the “Friday Night Fever” along with some specific beverages should maintain the warm temperature for long night hours…..

Two meals (appetizer + beef or fowl (poultry) + desert (cook’s surprise) selectively prepared by the owner of the nearby restaurant "Le Boeuf Rouge" are proposed for a friendly price, not yet specified but around 15 euro (about US $ 20), beverage not included (for some “obscure” reasons…).
Vegetarian food is available on request (please specify when you reserve).

The excellent new brand “Storky” beer (white or amber beer) probably along with a “special meteorite vintage 2012” beer recommended by the cook, are available in unlimited quantities. And there will be also some very pleasant fruit-based lighter and very refreshing beer “for women” (but also strongly recommended for men, especially after midnight…).

The recommended wines always include our 2 traditional specifically labeled vintages "Ensisheim-Meteorite 1492" Pinot Gris (white) and "Ensisheim-Meteorite 1492" Pinot Noir (red), with the famous meteorite fall painted on the label. Other red wines that traditionally accompany meat-based menus (Bordeaux....) will be available.

Party can end any time (possibly before the "meteorite hot rush" the next morning....)

Please, let me know (e.g. by mail) early enough, ideally before June 10 (slightly flexible deadline), if you want to attend the dinner-party, thus:
* HOW MANY GUESTS you will bring and
* WHICH MENU (beef or poultry) you would prefer.

THIS RESERVATION IS A MUST, for obvious reasons (selection and preparation of the menus in harmony with the total number of guests). But please reserve only if you are (almost) sure to attend so that we can fully meet all your commitments, needs and comfort (I hate heavy and unnecessary administration, so please….)

Fun is absolutely guaranteed during the party. I will maintain the tradition that the one who can't have fun pays ME a glass of Bordeaux (better for heart than beer…)!
(hmm… if I don’t’ take care of myself, I am sure to stay thirsty).


* General activities: “Sales, trades, exchanges”…of various extraterrestrial objects…(but is it really needed to repeat this one more time ?).
Please note: sales of terrestrial rocks, minerals and fossils are PROHIBITED!

* Side activities: up to your best inspiration. Here we are very flexible indeed but… please just stay under the elemental legal constraints.

* To help you having even more fun (in case…), we can offer:
- Permanent musical entertainment by the “Ensisheim’s Accordion Association” (Saturday 18:00 – 20:00)
- Special demo of the Polish dancing group “Tatry”: 20:00
- Don’t forget that the main square is a permanent dance floor any time, anyhow, for every age. It already starts on Friday, after the party.


The Saturday dinner (not official but strongly recommended to all participants) can either take part on the main "dancing" square, or “anywhere else”.

- On the square, either inside the big tent or around the umbrella-covered tables (6 chairs per table), you may order the current meals served during the day, thus "tarte flambée", various snacks, cakes + "selected liquids", but also special show menus (meals based on grilled meat, sausages, “merguez”, …French fries, salad…and “re-selected liquids”) as well as a special “meteorite-steak”, all prepared by the organizers.

- For “anywhere else”, we specifically recommend the option that had met a significant success since 2010: Go to the restaurant "Le Boeuf Rouge" located on the other side of the church, 20 m from the tents. More than 120 guests can sit inside, in case of cold weather (quite unlikely), but also in the friendly open-air courtyard (very likely). This large open resort is partly covered by a wooden roof (in improbable case of rain), partly just sun (or moon) - protected by vineyard.

Meals are proposed there "à la carte" at very friendly prices (the owner is also our Brother-Guardian of the Ensisheim meteorite): any kind of food (quality - and quantity! - to price ratio largely positive); beverage variety unlimited!

The advantage of that option (“Boeuf Rouge”) is not only the excellent food (we had a very positive feedback in the last 3 years) but also its proximity to the main hotel "Domaine du Moulin" or to the "dancing square", whereto you could walk (or "creep"...?) any time in the deep night....


Traditional lunches + all other specific snacks, including the very popular "tarte flambée" (Alsatian pie) as well as the new options (grilled meat and the big meteorite-sandwich) are permanently served outside (umbrella-protected tables) or inside (sun and/or rain-protected tent). Lunches can be served to exhibitors in the Regency Palace on noon time, on specific request.


All the other activities on the main square (beer, wine sale, fruit-beer, tee shirts, lager, snacks, beer, meteorite smuggling, Polish vodka (?), mugs, edible meteorite, white beer, pins, merguez, wine tasting, “Storky” amber beer, French (or true Belgian!) fries, “Storky” vintage, discussions, Gewürztraminer, Russian brandy (?), dark beer, Columbus memories, lager-mix, Pinot Noir/Gris, tequila (?), beer, market trends, water (??)... and permanent museum visits are maintained (some highly recommended!).

EXIBITION/ACTIVITIES related to the show theme

1) Thematic display in the Regency museum: METEORITES IN HISTORY

The traditional meteorite display in the museum will include many of the historical well documented or sometimes far less known meteorite samples. So far we have reserved an entire space for almost all the existing French meteorites. This is the private collection of Eddy Caulier, who spent many years and even more money to find almost all the existing meteorites, some museum size, some also as “undiscerned chips” that once escaped, one wonders how, the large museum collections. Their historical background is well documented on aesthetic cards where many detailed anecdotes could be read. Eddy also promised to complete the display by other historical items, mostly from Europe. Strasburg museum is now being contacted to complete the French suite in terms of a few large size representatives.

Such a display is never complete so, yes, this is a CALL FOR SAMPLES!
This exhibition is open to anyone willing to bring for display an interesting example of meteorite of which the history is less known to the public or even seldom described in specialized literature. You are then welcome to browse through your private collection treasures and bring along the selected samples.

If you agree to bring such samples, please notify me “asap” (mail) and specify the name and all the scientific, anecdotic or personal data that characterize your specimen(s) so that I can prepare in advance the corresponding didactic labels. The organizers and the 1200+ visitors we expect to visit the show are sending you warm thanks in advance!

2) A special window will contain the main mass (less a few chips) of the genuine DRAVEIL meteorite that struck the house of Mr and Mrs Comette (pronounce “comet”!) and damaged their roof. Draveil is therefore a true “hammer”. Mrs Comette and also Pierre-Merie Pelé, the owner of the main mass, will be present for comments.

3) This year we also wish to set up a window displaying the meteorite samples that have been generously donated to the Regency museum by some of our visitors (you! (?)). This was a last year call from the Ensisheim Guardians to people who wish to express their gratitude for being enthroned to leave some symbolic (or valuable) gift so as to leave a trace of their permanent thankfulness in our museum.

4) This year, we have 3 plenary lectures related to the appropriate themes:

* Saturday, 15:00-16:00:
Ludovic Ferrière (co-curator of the famous meteorite collection in NHM Vienna, Austria): “The history of the historical meteorite collection from NH museum, Vienna” (in French)

* Sunday, 11:00-11:30:
Alain Carion (Paris (F):
“The Draveil meteorite fall” (in French)

* Sunday, 11:00-11:30:
Jean-Marie Blosser (our “Grand-Maître of the St George Confraternity, Ensisheim, France): “The Ensisheim meteorite: true history, novel anecdotes” (in French)

(Beyond the vicissitudes that hustled the renowned Ensisheim meteorite through History, Jean-Marie will deliver us, in premium, a series of curious and « tasty » anecdotes, totally inedited, that had characterized the popular stone indwelling in the city of Ensisheim. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend and learn more about this unique meteorite that crossed more than 5 centuries with great rumble!
A translation in English could be ensured.


There are 4 hotels mentioned in the flyer with full contact data.
For memory:

*The nearest hotel is now the "Domaine du Moulin", the only place at the walking distance from the show. A couple of weeks ago it was fully booked but a few recent requirements have been acknowledged (due to room cancelling?). Little hope to have a room free but you have nothing to loose in trying.

*An accommodation equivalent to the “Domaine du Moulin” can be found 5 km away from Ensisheim, namely at the “ECHOMUSEE” resort: Hotel Restaurant “Les Loges de l’Ecomusée », BP 7, Chemin du Grosswald, 68190 Ungersheim (30 rooms).
All details and reservation on line on the following link:


*The "Niemerich" (Pulversheim) and the "Cheval Blanc" (Baldersheim) hotels, both about 5 km distant from Ensisheim (excellent tip for those having a car) are also always welcoming you.

everybody must arrange for his own accommodation! If you call, they all do speak English and German (possibly French?).
All hotel data (phone, fax, e-mail, web sites) available on the flyer.

Other features, data and remarks:

- ENTRANCE FEE: 4 euro for adults, allowing show and museums visits for 2 days (Saturday, Sunday); children under 12: free

- TABLES: still limited to about 55. (around 45-50 dealers).
Note that one table is 160x80 cm, thus unusually large. Foresee your table arrangements accordingly.
Price is per table, NOT per meter: unchanged since many years (see flyer).

Just write me! (mail is the most reliable contact, phone is more tricky as I am not always there). My mail: “Zelimir” <zelimir.gabel...@uha.fr>

All the former dealers have full priority to reserve their last year table.
We still have a few free tables for newcomers but I recommend you reserve right now (or “asap”)! First come, first served.

Those who did not yet send their traditional "hello, please can you reserve my usual place?", are urgently encouraged to confirm (or cancel) their wish to keep their usual tables at their preferred place. A map with table arrangements (basically the same as in 2011) is available upon request.

I will also go through your earlier mail requests that accumulated during my hospital stay and reserve, as per your wishes, the dates defining the priority. If there are changes since you wrote, please notify me by mail.

In any case, because of some possible slight variations in table arrangements, the organizers reserve the right to possibly change the layout of certain places. So please hurry to reserve if you want to come again, as we already have newcomers on a waiting list!

- ENTHRONING CEREMONY (Friday, 18:15).
The new guardians invited to join the Confraternity this year, are (in alphabetical order):
        *Eddy Caulier (F/B)
        *Art Ehlmann (TCU, USA)
        *Ludovic Ferrière (Vienna, F/A)
        *Claude Nauwelaerts (B)
        *Dima Sadilenko (RU)
        *Rob Wesel (USA)
These people are requested to send me their data and achievements (if not yet done) in a short cv. A few more people are proposed by the Confraternity council, among which Mrs Comette

As every year, some space in the consignment room is still available, free of charge, for the organizing committee and for those, especially guests coming from far away, who wish to sell some of their meteorites (ideally about 5-15 pieces). Just write labels and prices and leave the pieces in the locked tables, with info on how you should be contacted by potential customers during the show. We will take care of your sales (all free, no commission). Contact me personally.

For public's respect, dealers are kindly asked NOT to leave the show tables before Sunday 16:00. This is one of the rare restrictions we must impose. Priority can be given to dealers who are able to fulfill this request. Should you have a major problem with this, please contact me.

Those who can bring proof they are still under age of 12 (“administrative” age because we ALL have a mental age below 12!) and have an “artistic soul” (who hasn’t ?), can propose us their best drawings related to the theme: “ILLUSTRATE THE CONSEQUENCES OF A METEORITE FALL”. Yes, you can bring drawings from the young artists from all over the world! Just a name (signed painting) and age are needed to obtain a “reward” (contest results & awards: Sunday 15:00)


The official show flyer, now ready, will be available very soon on the Ensisheim web site:
Just open the site and click to the link: “Ensisheim-meteorite 2012”.
Those who wish to receive the flyer personally and rapidly, please e-mail me. I will be happy to send it right away, as attachment, in English or French version (please specify).


Needless to mention, the FUNNY (crazy ?), friendly and ever smiling show ambience, that is progressively acquiring an ever growing reputation, is absolutely guaranteed again (by YOUR simple presence) for this 13th “blast” in a row. Should this event bring to all again much meteorite passion, fun, faith and friendship! Bring much nice stuff, your passion, your smile, some money and have a happy hunting!

My ever growing best wishes to all,


Prof. Zelimir Gabelica
Université de Haute Alsace
3, Rue A. Werner,
F-68093 Mulhouse Cedex, France
Tel: +33 (0)3 89 33 68 94


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