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I had the pleasure to spend a few hours today with Vatican scientists, Brothers Bob Macke and Guy Consolmagno, at the University of Central Florida. Bulk density and magnetic properties of the oriented 9.9 gram Sutter's Mill stone were measured. This individual stone from the April 22, 2012 fall is cataloged as SM19 on the SETI web site managed by Peter Jenniskens. Here are a few images to enjoy:

Bob Macke using glass beads as the medium to measure bulk density of the 9.9g Sutter's Mill stone.

Bob inserting the stone into the helium gas chamber of a pycnometer.

Bob Macke, Greg Hupe and Guy Consolmagno.

Please also find here close-up images of the oriented 9.9g Sutter's Mill stone:
2) (note pollen grains from find site)

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