Hello All,

Due to over-whelming public demand and peer pressure I must announce at this 
time that I made a find.  Wanted to have Jason Utas tell his story first, 
because we've been working together on this strewn-field, staying in contact on 
the phone, and meeting with him for dinner wnere we exchange notes and make 
plans for the next day.  (This is how I got to finally meet another California 
meteorite-hunter, Mendy Ouzillou.)

There is a story that goes along with our two finds (which will have to wait 
until later), but Steve Arnold is anxious to tell how he became involved in 
this saga ;-).  So here we are:  

  N04    ~107g, and rising  Bob Verish

--- On Tue, 10/30/12, petersche...@rcn.com wrote:
> N03      79.0            Jason Utas
> Way to go Jason!
> Thanks,
> Peter
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