That's great news Zelimir!

Thank you for the confirmation of the continuation of the Ensisheim Show and for your dedication to keep the Ensisheim Show alive and growing!!

As for the last near-decade of my attendance and showing in Ensi, please accept this as my life-long confirmation of my regular table, Mike Farmer's table since he's currently traveling and Moritz' table with whom I always group together each year to duplicate all of our confirmations! ;-)

As having been honored as one of the Guardians of the Brotherhood of the Ensisheim Meteorite and winner of last year's first 'Thematic Exhibition' of the 'Best of the Best' personal collection specimens with my NWA 5000 main mass and slice, I fully encourage all in attendance to submit your very best! Last year was an incredible success and all of the items on display were simply amazing!! While it was a chore and quite the responsibility to personally carry and curate my NWA 5000 specimens around Europe for two weeks last year was a bit stressful, it was all worth the investment of time and money to share such treasures with those who truly appreciate meteorites like most all of us!

Ensisheim is my favorite show of the year! If you have never attended yet, do so because you are missing out on what I refer to as, 'The Meteorite Family Gathering'.

See you there!!

Best Regards,

Greg Hupe
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-----Original Message----- From: Zelimir Gabelica via Meteorite-list
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To: Meteoritelist ; imca-owner
Subject: [meteorite-list] Ensisheim 2016 news

Dear Meteorite-Central List, IMCA members and all meteorite friends,

As already announced on the leaflets distributed last November in the Munich show, now that the “St George Brotherhood of the Ensisheim Meteorite Guardians” was officially dissolved in February this year, the 2016 Ensisheim meteorite show will be organized on the same basis as last year, namely by the recently created “Association of Friends of the Ensisheim Meteorite” and under the auspices of the “ City of Ensisheim” and of the “ Ensisheim Federation of Associations”.

Please find here preliminary news concerning this 17 th edition of the show.

The place (Regency Palace in Ensisheim), the dates (the week preceding the Ste Marie show, namely from Friday June 17 to Sunday June 19, 2016), as well as the usual hall table arrangements, remain unchanged.
Opening hours:
Saturday: 9:30-18:30 (dealers access to the rooms possible from 7:30).

Sunday: 9:30-16:30 (dealers access to the rooms possible from 8.00)

The total number of dealer tables is limited to 58 (52 “regular” and 6 “window-tables” in the consignment room). All tables are equal in size (160 x 80 cm – note the large size). The price per table (not per meter), was slightly increased with respect to 2015, namely: 1 table = 170 euro; 2 tables = 320 euro; 3 tables = 450 euro; 4 tables = 600 euro….)

All past dealers/guests have full priority to reserve their last year table(s). Those who did not come last year (2015) had lost their priority and should be considered as “newcomers”.

For the 2016 booking, we urgently ask our regular guests to do that ASAP, preferably before the end of April 2016 (slightly flexible deadline). However, if you already had reserved “implicitly” or “think that you have reserved”, please APPLY AGAIN (E-mail me in a couple of words) and confirm your table(s).

If you can’t make it this year, please notify me that you want to cancel. This is very important and absolutely needed for me to readily assign tables to those who are on the waiting list.

The organizers will attribute to the newcomers the layout of places within any of the 3 halls in the most appropriate way so as to meet as many wishes as possible. Note that the 3 halls are all equivalent, as the public must inevitably walk through. Tables are attributed to newcomers, as always, on a “first come, first served” basis.

For table reservation, just E-mail me (

To avoid money transfer complications and bank fee, we accept you pay the table renting, cash. Tables are to be paid on Saturday morning between 7:30 and 9:30 to the treasurer, at the reception desk visible from the entrance door of the Regency building. Please prepare cash (preferred), though French checks are tolerated. Credit Cards are NOT accepted.

To pay, the dealers and their assistants must wear their badges (or ask for at the reception desk). Badges are attributed on the following basis: 1 table reserved = 1 or 2 badges attributed; 2 tables, up to 3 badges; 3 tables, up to 4 badges, 4 tables, up to 5 badges…

If more people are officially part of a table team, they can either be considered as “public” and pay 4 euro as regular entrance fee, or pay 10 euro that includes the entrance during the dealer’s day on Friday and a badge. For this being possible, I’ll need very soon the full names of all the dealers and their assistants, so we can prepare the corresponding badges in time.

People without badges are not considered as dealers, can’t occupy tables, nor are allowed to sell meteorites elsewhere within the buildings or on the Regency square.

Maps and traveling indications could be found soon on the Ensisheim city web site: .

The nearby hotels remain "Domaine du Moulin", “Les Loges de l’Ecomusée », "Niemerich" and "Cheval Blanc". More info about their location and characteristics (phone, fax, e-mail, web sites) are given on the official show flyer that is now ready and that you can find on the city web site from next Monday April 25.
I can also send the flyer right now (mail) upon request.

IMPORTANT: everybody must arrange for his own accommodation!
If you call, they all do speak English and German.

Friday June 17 is the "DEALER’S DAY" devoted for tables/booth set up.
The Regency halls are exclusively open (13:30 – 18.00) to dealers wearing their badges, and NOT to the public. Note that dealers can also install their tables on Saturday morning (7:30 – 9:30) after having collected their badges at the reception desk (entrance of the Regency palace) and pay their tables to the cashier present on the desk, prior to climb the stairs.

On Friday, after the Regency rooms closure (18:00 sharp), gathering on the main square in front of the Regency is scheduled for dealers, assistants and invited persons at about 18:15, to attend the welcome addresses and the induction ceremonies of the new Honorary Members of the “Friends of Ensisheim Meteorite Association” (equivalent to the former Honorary Guardians nominations), but also to enjoy the traditional welcome drink.

Note that the new inductees (“Meteorite Friends”) automatically acquire an equivalent honorary status as the former “Meteorite Guardians” (with a plaque and a diploma as memory)

The traditional FRIDAY DINNER PARTY is maintained and starts at 20:00 inside the large tent set in on the Regency square. The restaurant "Le Boeuf Rouge" offers a special menu based on guinea fowl (approx. € 20, drinks not included): smoked salmon with brioche or pie with salad, stuffed guinea fowl thigh, vegetables & spaetzles, iced kougelhopf. You may also order a vegetarian menu . Needless to insist the dinner party is more than recommended and everybody (organizers, dealers, lecturers, public and all their friends…) is warmly welcome!
If you want to attend, a reservation is a must.
Just let me know by mail (for June 10 at the latest) the names of the persons interested and their menu selection so that we can fully meet all your commitments, needs and comfort.

On Saturday evening the “Boeuf Rouge” restaurant is closed this year (fully booked for a private wedding). Dinner suggestion: possibility to enjoy under the Regency square tent, a flammeküche-based dinner or other local fast food (see flyer). Those who prefer having dinner elsewhere in the city are invited to return to the square after dinner and enjoy t he “Saturday night dance fever” and the evening discussions that currently continue up to about midnight (slightly flexible deadline).

Show Theme: “METEORITES THAT HAVE CREATED A BUZZ ” (historical but also recent falls with some weird or funny anecdote behind…).
Side theme: “PALLASITES”

Two lectures (in French, but lecturers also speak English)

1) “Planet, dwarf planet, asteroid, meteorite: what difference ?” (by Prof. J.C. Lefebvre - Liège university, Belgium), Saturday 11:00 – 12:00

1) “Description of some famous historical meteorites” (by Marc Jost & Peter Marmet, Bern, CH), Sunday 11:00 – 12:00

This year, we invite ALL OF YOU to participate to the THEMATIC EXHIBITION by bringing for display in the Regency museum showcases what you consider as the “best of the best” of your:

A) Pallasites
Here, everyone is invited to bring up to 5 pallasite samples (no more) selected for their pure aesthetics. As last year, we will organize a contest with public votes and reward the 3 most appreciated pallasites, basically for their subjective beauty and not necessarily for their rigorous scientific significance. The 3 winning samples should allow their happy owners to appreciate a symbolic prize in the form of bottles of some traditional Alsatian wine, always unanimously esteemed.

B) Historical meteorites
Everyone can bring some historical meteorites and write a short text describing their fall characteristics. Just send me in time some informal labels with the meteorite name, size, weight and a brief description of their characteristics deserving a competitive display. Historical meteorites are not subject to a public contest.

---------------------------------------------------- With warmly welcoming everybody to attend this special 17 th meteorite show in Ensisheim, I am now expecting to receive news from many of you and remain at your disposal to provide you with any kind of additional information.

Thank you for your interest,

My ever friendly wishes to everybody,




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