Resending see my opinion below interpreting your question to deal with 
extracting the olivines by consuming the metal matrix.

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I have never wanted to consume an iron meteorite, but if I did, I would buy 
some inexpensive 37% (concentrated) muriatic acid for $5 a gallon or whatever 
it is costing now. 

Then buy both goggles an a face shield neoprene gloves and dilute the acid with 
water to as close to 20% as possible.  Put on the protection and cover all my 
skin with clothing.  Then I would simmer (hold just below boiling) a pot of 
water and put a second pot inside with the meteorite in 20% acid with a clear 
cover and keep the simmer until satisfied with the dissolution.<div>
The 20% would be critical to me due to the properties of the acid, not more.  
Less would be slower so it depends on the job that needs to be done.

Muriatic acud is a common name for hydrochloric acid industrial low grade can 
be bought in places in the US for example to add to pools to lower pH or for 
cleaning some toilets and plumbing etc.

Never done this but it is what I'd do since HCl is probably the safest strong 
mineral acid that's cheap.  Other strong acids and more dilute or lower temps 
might be sufficient, so you can work up to your need if time is not an issue.

Be careful and famaliarize yourself withe the risks if you haven't already.
Best wishes
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Subject: [meteorite-list] acid for pallasite
Wich kind of acid I can use for dissolve the iron/rust in a Pallasite, so I
can save the Olivine?
Thanks a lot!
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