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it's an interesting revelation that demonstrates the power of LRO's camera. but 
some of the write-ups are not getting it right (e.g. the New Scientist story 
claims "A new count of the moon’s craters has turned up 33 per cent more than 
predicted." sheesh!)

if you want some context, including interviews with specialists beyond the 
press release, I recommend my S&T colleague Camille Carlisle's write-up here: 

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The moon has hundreds more craters than we thought Daily News, October 12, 2016 

How old is our Moon? Hundreds of previously unseen craters could finally unlock 
its true age: New estimates suggest 180 craters of at least ten metres in 
diameter form each year by Liat Clark, Wired,

A facelift for the Moon every 81,000 years, October 12, 2016 

The paper is:

Speyerer, E. J., R. Z. Povilaitis, M. S. Robinson, P. C. Thomas, And R. V. 
Wagner, 2016, Quantifying crater production and regolith overturn on the Moon 
with temporal imaging.
Nature. Vol. 538, pp. 215–218 (13 October 2016) doi:10.1038/nature19829


Paul H. 

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