Hello everyone, 
I am happy to announce a new meteorite recently approved, La Ciénega (b). L6 s3 
This meteorite was found January 30, 2014 in Sonora, Mexico by a prospector 
hunting gold nuggets. Only one stone was found weighing 6,143 grams. It is 
extremely fresh, regmaglypted, with perfect black fusion crust as fresh as many 
falls I've seen. Despite further searches no other specimens have been found.
I had it cut up and this is 100 % of the remaining mass offered here. 
Photos available on request. 

Main mass/endcut 3,388 grams $8500
Endcut 562 grams $2250

Slice 197 grams $800
Slice 191 grams $800
Slice 178 grams $750
Slice 172 grams $725
Slice 169 grams $720
Slice 153 grams $650
Slice 150 grams $640
Slice 144 grams $620
Slice 129 grams $550
Slice 107 grams $460
Slice 94 grams $400

I am leaving for Germany Thursday and can hand carry any orders to Europe for 
rapid delivery at Munich or by post and no customs costs. 
Email or call 520 743 3007
Michael Farmer 

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