It is so good to hear from you! I’m so sorry to hear about Earlene’s illness. I 
will send healing thoughts her way.

Where are the 6 shows you do?

I lived in the south side of Atlanta for most of my adult life. I moved 6 
months ago to the Northeast Georgia mountains. It is so quiet here, and so 
beautiful. I can see stars that I could never see in Atlanta. I even had a big, 
black bear visit my backyard (20 feet from my open bedroom window).

You may have heard that the forests have been burning here in GA, SC, NC and 
now TN. Very frightening since I don’t have TV and am very isolated way back in 
the woods. I have a nice rocking chair porch, a little creek and over 1 acre of 
land along with a completely renovated 92 year old house. I wish you could 
visit sometime!


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Hi Anita:

How is everything with you? Have not seen you for some time now and really miss 
the show; however, with the “no attendance fee” I’m sure everything remains the 

Earlene was diagnosed with breast and lymph node cancer in August and has been 
undergoing chemo since then. She is holding up well except for being tired all 
the time. She has four chemo left to go.

Yes, am still selling and buying meteorites, and we still do 6 shows. Still 
have the travel bug so have to work to pay for the trips.

Let me know what is going on down south!

John & Earlene

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Hi Anita,

Here is the link to John's page.


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