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Hope you are all doing well today!


Recently classified and now available on my website is NWA 11351, an LL3-LL6 meteorite with an amazing composition of both equilibrated and unequilibrated lithologies, both cluster chondrule and breccia lithologies, aswell as small and large breccia lithologies. With a low weathering state, and such a complex composition, NWA 11351 continues to be a source of study for the lab which has classified it. I have prepared two slices for other collectors to enjoy, the lab holds 36.5g, and the remainder of the 138g TKW will remain in my collection indefinitely.


Additionally on my website are some lovely and rare specimens of the historic Lost Creek H4.8, the Mbale fall, and numerous other specimens of interest to collectors of meteoritics in general.


Please take a moment from your busy day to consider adding some of these unique specimens to your collection.



John A. Shea, MD

IMCA 3295


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