Dear Collectors and List Members!

Ending on Sunday my 28 meteorite auctions on E-Bay!

You can see them here:

Just a few example:

Thin Sections: Cheap pallasites (Huckitta, Quijingue), Chelyabinsk, Campo
del Cielo, historic Mocs

Hoba, Willamette etched slices, Brahin polished pallasite slices

Lunar fragment, Csátalja H4 (Hungary) slice

Sidi Ali Oua azza L4 BIG witnessed fall fresh 2015 chondrite ! 880USD

Mundarbilla individual, bicolite tektite,

Well prepared whole chondrules of NWA 10669 LL3 chondrite and many more...

Best Regards! 
Zsolt Kereszty


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