Paul, I am still not satisfied with your apology to Hibbens.
I was appaled to read Alan Harris sharing his ignorance of the recent work on 
the Holocene Start Impact Events 
with NASA management , encouraging them in their attempt to avoid launching the 
NEOcam.Let us take a look at this fool's bragging:

Well, this got started with a paper in 2007 by Firestone, et al. (PNAS 104, 
16016-16021, 2007).  Ironically I'm sitting in a meeting at NAS HQ in 
Washington as I write this.  Curiously, many of the long list of authors of 
that original paper are the same as the most recent papers, but more or less 
inverted in order (first author of the current paper, Wolbach, was the last 
author of the 2007 paper).  Equally curiously, the evidence promoted in the 
respective papers has also gotten rather inverted, in my perhaps cynical 
opinion because the leading evidence offered in 2007 has been largely 
discounted, and what is now being promoted were minor points in the earlier 
paper, not previously examined as thoroughly.  We'll see where the current 
round leads.

These articles were discussed at some length on MPML on Feb. 3, when
they came out in the Journal of Geology.  The claims being made have
been discussed at great length by Mark Boslough, who was inspired to
join MPML as a result.  Perhaps he will comment further now.
Yep, NASA is funding this second stringer working at Sandia instead of the 
physics pros at Berkeley and Los Alamosas part of its futile effort to avoid 
its responsibilities to the people of this nation.
Now, Paul, as you know full well who all has become involved in this research 
since 2007,a list which includes nearly everyone working at an archaeological 
site from this period,as well as multiple geologists, perhaps you might be man 
enough to point out in an exhautive and comprhensive manner 
that Alan is simply lying here.
In other words, do some really useful work with that geological database engine 
of yours.

E.P. GrondineMan and Impact in the Americas

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