I just had a strange occurrence on eBay which became likely fraud. I was 
notified that I had sold a meteorite slice which I had listed from eBay (normal 
eBay notification). This buyer has never bought from me, so I confirmed the 
info via a quick internet search (she worked for an aerospace firm, so thought 
nothing of it). After printing the label, the buyer contacted me several 
minutes later stating she did not order anything but received a shipment 
notification from eBay. After confirming who she was and looking at her history 
(never a meteorite purchased in her history on eBay), I looked at the paypal 
receipt. It became clear that she was hacked on eBay and Paypal, and her email 
was changed from to All of her other information was 
correct. I did not initially notice this discrepancy. I could only assume that 
the package would have been rerouted in transit to the "hacker". The victim 
(phewww, not me...) stated she immediately tried changing her passwords once th
 is was discovered but was blocked from doing so, likely due to her information 
being changed.

Keep a close eye on your sales both ON AND OFF eBay!!!

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