Dear Fellow Collectors,
Hope you are all doing well
A handful of very interesting meteorite specimens have been added to my website.
First among them, NWA 11359. This is a very strange L6 S2 W1. It is unique 
among the L6 classification due to a highly porous matrix that is set within a 
heavily recrystallized meteorite. The whole thing has a very crystalline or gem 
like feeling to it with a subtle grayish blue/green coloration. A selection of 
slices are available.
Second, the new Niger impact melt we have all seen recently is very attractive 
on the outside, but on the inside it is truly exceptional. Hidden within its 
black matrix is a wonderland of metal flakes and inclusions, scattered amidst 
an appreciable quantity of small chondrules. When slices are polished at 3000 
grit, it is gorgeous.
Last but not least, two slices from a ~900g probable pairing to NWA 8524. This 
is an LL4-6 breccia with an attractive orange and yellow interior containing 
big course breccia inclusions of various colors, and some relatively large bits 
of iron.
Please take a moment from your relaxing weekend to consider a few of these 
interesting specimens for your collection.
Much of the older content that was on my site has been removed, but there are 
still some great NWA x specimens, as well as a handful of historic, planetary 
and carbonaceous specimens available.
Thank you for looking!
John A. Shea, MD
IMCA 3295


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