Nourddine, list, I agree with you. Thank you for your wisdom.  I too have been 
needlessly dragged through the coals on this list. It has been proven off-list 
that the bad mouthing I was given was totally misguided but, It matters not. 
The truth is , these actors have caused great harm to this list and some of 
it's members. People need to think before they post. I have never had a bad 
experience with any Moroccan. Only a few crack head Americans. 
Carl Esparza
Love & Life

---- nourddine azelmat via Meteorite-list <> 
> Dear John/Adam/List,
> I am greatly saddened to be dragged into what I can only assume is
> 'politically' motivated debate. 
> For my part, I have never heard of this 3KG of Black Beauty, and it is
> frankly farcical to suggest I am part of a conspiracy to keep this off
> market.
> The linking of my few grams, as evidence of a secret cache of Black Beauty
> is at best delusional.
> I have been dealing in meteorites for a number of years and recently on ebay
> where my feedback is 99 percent positive (only negative was someone wanted a
> certificate of authenticity that was never mentioned in the listing).
> My 3g (please note not KG) of BB came from hunters I have known for years
> and I trust absolutely. The material was found in November 2017 in the Sbita
> area " known strewn field of black beauty" and the balance of the parcel was
> sold to a dealer in Belgium. 
> As with the majority of non NWA XXX meteorites I sell, a fragment of my
> material was recently sent to the LFP lab in Germany for analysis (not
> classification) and should it prove to be anything other than BB, I would
> give a full refund. Frankly, given my knowledge and trust of the hunters,
> the probability that they have defrauded me is zero.
> This list has seen the drama of bad US dealers, bad Moroccan dealers, family
> rifts and petty squabbles played out ad-nauseum. However, its use to damage
> people who are doing their absolute best to build a good business is in my
> opinion at least, immensely sad and nothing more than playground bullying. 
> I have many customers who have purchased multiple from me and several have
> become genuine friends, it is that aspect of this community which I love,
> sadly there is a Janus Face to this community.
> John Higgins is angry with me for selling pieces of the Tindouf, Algerian
> Lunar and calling them 'paired NWA 10265' - which is his classification for
> this material. There is zero debate my material is the Algerian Lunar but I
> simply used one of the many many classification numbers associated with it.
> Hands up, I should have just called it Tindouf, Algerian Lunar,  but it is
> utterly wrong to suggest this was an attempt to defraud anyone. Claiming a
> specific classification of the same material is more 'special' than all the
> generic Tindouf material it all represents, is a far greater
> misrepresentation in my opinion.
> I am neither part of an evil conspiracy to keep BB off the market or a bad
> player, I just am trying to make a living and build a long term client 
> business in a field I love.
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