Hi all,

I purchased quite a few NWA 6963 Martian Specimens in Tucson -
February 2018. After slicing and selling many of the individuals I
came to the last one, a 40 gram specimen.  As I began to take slices
off I started seeing inclusions that looked as if they swirled around
the interior of the meteorite in a fluid motion. In reality the slices
looked more like a loaf of marble rye bread than any Mars specimen I'd
seen previously. After contacting two well known meteorite scientists
and asking if what I was seeing was a weathering pattern they both
informed me that it looked like shock melt. The slices listed on ebay
have NOT been polished as sometimes a polished surface takes away the
sharp contrast in the two lithologies.

Worth a look even if you're not looking to buy!


Rock On!

Ruben Garcia


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