Hello All, 

Finally have some good news to report.  Some fellow meteorite-hunters have 
contacted me to report that they have recovered a 255kg iron from the Sahara 
Desert in Algeria. This was well before April Fools Day, and the photos of it 
in-situ and "oiled-up" are very convincing.  I immediately put them in contact 
with an officially-approved institution here in USA for classification.  
Apparently, they declined to cut this wonderful-looking and huge mass of iron 
(and no smaller masses have been found), until after they have a confirmed 
buyer. I probably should say "buyers", because I feel it will take a 
"consortium" of buyers to meet their asking price of 


The finders have already received a number of offers, but nearly all were 
bogus.  That's why they came to me to help them with filtering-out the 
scammers.  So, when I say that I will only forward "serious offers", I'm 
serious.  And, this is the limit of my involvement with this find.  That, and 
helping to get this iron classified and made "official". 

You can see some of those photos here:  

If seriously interested, please contact me off-List.  
Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the photos, 
Bob V.  

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