I have had a bunch of inquiries regarding NWA1167 over
the last few days including from Dr Rubin at UCLA.
To confirm, yes, it is my meteorite and I got the name
from Jeff Grossman at the met society and NWA1167 is a
provisional name that I am responsible for getting. 
But I have no idea how Rubin got his hands on it. I
can only assume one of my buyers sent it to him
because it wasnt me.
I have sold maybe half of if. I am not sure exactly
how much that I have left and it is in a box somewhere
but I am not sure exactly where. And I have to go to
Hong Kong and South America over the next 3 weeks so
most likely I wont get a chance to search for it soon
either so right now I dont have any for sale.
I do however have 5 really cool thin sections of what
I believe will be an LL3.6. It is really cool looking
If anybody wants one of these 5 they are $55 each
including the shipping. Paypal very much preferred for
payment right now.

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