Hi list and Steve,

Only my second post...but been following the list and collecting/hunting for 5 years now.

I live about 10 miles from the Barwell strewnfield in the uk...have spent many hours walking around and searching in hope (once with Rob Elliot for the making of a BBC Stardate program ) but with only a few small possible finds...but not convinced as our climate isnt great for the preservation of meteorites lying on the ground for over 40 years. I keep hoping that a large chunk will turn up on one of the frequent housing developments during excavation.

The Stardate program did confirm that I had made one find though. A small fragment/stone from the west coast of Ireland which I searched for after a fireball there in early 2003. Prof Mat Genge confirmed it to be a meteorite when we joined him later at the NHM, London later to put it through its paces using their SEM. (I have all the printouts) A facinating day, and such a thrill when my first find was confirmed and telivised nationally.

I have had no luck getting any further with classification though...not sure what the next step is!
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