Hi Anne, Sterling, Norm, Aubrey, Dieter, all

Sterling, thanks so very much for your first compilation on world tektite masses/sizes and for your further comments (in the mail that just arrived and that I am copying heredown to complete this preliminary "debate").
The site related to vietnamese tektites is particularly informative.

Now here is my own information regarding tektites from Vietnam (sorry but I preferred not to mention it before I read your own comments supposing I could perhaps influence your thoughts/data)

I was extremely lucky to acquire very recently a "giant" (killer) tektite, not from Dalat but from the Northern part of Vietnam. It was brought to me 3 weeks ago by a friend prospector who spent weeks through the whole country for a separate business but with a side mission to possibly discover some tektite with "out of standard" characteristics.

That "killer'" is a "flat dumbbell"-like dish as described in the vietnamese paper cited by Sterling, resembling the "sample with a painted N° 30" on figure 2.
Its weight is perhaps what is the most surprising: 705.8 grams!
I did not check the density (yet).
It has a neat black clean, almost shiny and undamaged surface on both sides, with a thin stripe crossing the "dish" in its middle, possibly somewhat related to a particular Anda-type texture.

It was said to have been found in 2006 in a specific place, North from Hanoi.
I have got pics of the supplier with the "dish" in his hands and also have a genuine label (text) in vietnamese characters giving further details on how and where exactly it was found. Its purchase price, also rather on the "killer" side, more reflects the weight than the shape or morphology of the tektite, that are actually not at all odd. Obviously the supplier was aware of its potential value...

I was hoping that this tektite could perhaps be the biggest from Vietnam or perhaps even from "Indochina" (including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia....and why not South China), obviously excluding the layered Muong Nongs (for which I agree with Sterling for an over 12 kg reported record). Only future will tell if it is so.

Through this post I wanted to encourage everybody to report further interesting data on world tektites, raleted or not to their weight. And perhaps we could build a weight compilation characterizing the biggest tektites from every country or strewnfield. I believe this could be another challenge of our list.

Again, warm thanks to all!



A 18:37 24/05/2007 -0700, Norm Lehrman a écrit :
Anne, Sterling, Zelimir & all,

Hal Povenmire has a nice tabulation in his book
"Tektites: a Cosmic Enigma" (2003).
Here are a few additions from that list:

Bohemian moldavites: 500 gms (Sorry Anne; not a
Moravian moldavites: 265.5 gms
Java: 750 gms
Georgia: 70.5 gms
Bediasites: 200.8 gms
Thailand: 456 gms

in all cases not including Muong Nong types.

The biggest remaining Rizalite in Futrell's collection
991.7 gms.

I have a bunch of Povenmire's 2003 revision at $20
each if anyone is interested in acquiring one.


--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> In a message dated 5/24/2007 3:40:24 P.M. Mountain
> Standard Time,
> Hi, Zelimir,  List
> Just from searching the
> internet, I compiled  this list
> of the Biggest Tektite (excluding
> layered tektites)  from:
> Australia.....................437  g.
> Czechoslovakia..........258.5 g.
> Ivory Coast................  79  g.
> Malaysia.....................464 g.
> Philippines................1069  g.
> I couldn't find any mention
> of the largest  Vietnamite, but
> here's a site with a study of 203
> Vietnamese  tektites:
> Sterling  K.  Webb
> Very interesting, Sterling.
> And what is the largest Moldavite known?
> I just acquired a big one, a nice tear-drop shape,
> 6.5 cm long, 39 grams
> exactly.
> Am I in the running?
> Anne M. Black
> www.IMPACTIKA.com
> President,  I.M.C.A. Inc.
> www.IMCA.cc
A 01:04 25/05/2007 -0500, vous avez écrit :
Hi, All,

    I should have been more specific, but I tended to
find results by country from their national geological
surveys. The largest Moldavite is the 258.5 g one, found
-- no surprise! -- in Moldavia, says the Check Geological

    The largest Australite is 437 g, and the 79 g. Ivorite is
the largest Ivorite from anywhere. The 464 g tektite from
Malaysia is the largest non-layered one from that country,
but I know) it's NOT the largest non-layered Indochinite.
I found mention of a 250 g Vietnamese non-layered
tektite but they did not claim it was the largest.

    I could not find the weight record for each and every
type of Phillipinite, just the figure of 1069 g (some sources
give the weight as 1070 g) for Phillipinites. I don't know
the current record holder for Muong Nong tektites. Many
kilos (12.8 kg?).

    I could not find a statement of the largest Bediasite or
Georgiaite of all time. Scientific sources avoid size rank
data except to give a size range of each type. Demonstrating
that I am a lousy collector, I have a deep-groove Rizalite that's
the size of a tennis ball, maybe 100-120 g, but I don't know the
the exact weight. I never weighed it; whatever it is, Norm's got
a heavier one (with deeper grooves and fancier ornamentation,
and so forth).

    Indochinite splats get big. I've seen splatties that  weighed a
pound and a half. I would think "statistics" on Indochinites hard
to establish as they are marketed in huge lots (up to a ton at a time)
from so many countries by so many vendors who're mining those
tens of millions of them, with many more tens of millions still
underground (and no crater in sight).

    In most strewnfield locations (except possibly Indochina)
the biggest, more spectacular specimens tend to be snapped up
(and traded up) FIRST, just like the biggest gold nuggets and
the biggest diamonds, when the field is identified as such, like
this 71 kilo gold nugget from 1869:

Sterling K. Webb

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