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I want a photo of the dog.
How is his  name?



The dog's name is Hopper.  The story  actually very very funny.  A group of 
us were gridding a piece of ground  yesterday, walking in a line, and Rob told 
part of the story and I was in tears  it was so funny. 

Rob has acquired the "Garza Stone" of the West  fall.  Or should I say, the 
"Monahan's 7 Stone" of West fall. Or Maybe the  "Michelle Knapp Stone" of the 
West fall.  

I don't think anyone  in our field could find a better match than this 
specific rock and this  collector/dealer being put together.

Congratulations to Rob!  Well  done.  
As for photos, I am sure Hopper will be going down in meteorite history  
forever.  There will be no shortage of photos of this dog.  
Yesterday Rob spent the whole day hunting with Hopper.  Rob would take  out a 
meteorite, let hopper smell it and then pretend to throw it into the grass  
hoping the dog would run into the grass, looking for that meteorite, but might  
find another one and retrieve it.  But no luck.  Hopper was too smart  to be 
There are some great stories about this rock and this dog.  I am  sure more 
will come out soon.  
I have to get back out in the field... 

Steve Arnold #1
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