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> I have no idea who you are but from your posts I thought 
>you of all people might know the difference between a meteorite 
>classification and the study of a meteorites Cosmochemistry. 

Here's a hint for you-- by classifying a meteorite as an H4-5, one is saying
that the meteorite ultimately originated from the H4-5 parent body.  Which means
that it has the same "cosmochemistry" as every other H4-5 meteorite, which is--
BY DEFINITION-- what makes it a H4-5 meteorite.  If it had a different isotopic
makeup from H4-5 meteorites, it would not be classified as an H4-5 meteorite.

>Maybe you should try a Google search before you Try to 
>make other people look stupid. 

No need for me to do the work, you are doing an excellent job all by yourself.
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