Sorry, but I cannot help you.

All the meteorites now on the market are illegally collected and sold because 
evidently some persons a little time after our expedition give the position of 
the crater and of the meteorites.

In fact after our February 2010 mission all the area was declared from the 
military autorities off limits and no permission are released to anybody.

But clearly some persons went illegally in the area without any permission and 
they collected many meteorite samples to put its in the market, and evidently 
numbered some samples.

The true history about what happened is online in the forum of my website:

Giancarlo Negro


A good friend who acquired a Gebel Kamil iron from me recently noticed some 
writing on it that is visible only in certain viewing angles and lighting.  
appears to say SE A8 or SE 48.  Does anyone on the list have any knowledge 
this writing or what it could mean?

Gary Fujihara
Big Kahuna Meteorites (IMCA#1693)
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