Hi Reino

I'm in the process of creating an external payment app for the South 
African payment platform called "Payfast", and I'm having the exact same 
I can post almost all the data to the service provider correctly, except I 
can't seem to find the "amount" or "total" and the order.id (which I 
understand, the order is only created in the table after the payment is 
completed) and the description of the items in the cart.

How did you get around this?
Also after the payment is completed, I need to verify the payment details 
for security and match it to the correct data, and not a man-in-the-middle 

On Monday, May 30, 2016 at 10:49:41 PM UTC+2, Reino Wallin wrote:
> Thank you for helping out Eduardo.
> Since I enabled the confirmation step I modified the confirmation.html 
> template with the action attribute, and the page at DIBS loads properly.
> However I can't figure out how to access the Django order model instance 
> in my customized OrderForm. The order model instance is supposed to be 
> passed to the checkout in the final step.  
> I suppose the final step can be checked with:
> is_last_step = step == checkout.CHECKOUT_STEP_LAST
> I need the values of the 'total' and 'id' attributes in the order model 
> instance, to be added to the form that is posted to DIBS.
> In my customized OrderForm I tried 
> if is_last_step:
>     self.save(commit=False)
>     order = self.instance
>     self.fields['orderid'].initial = order.id
> Why doesn't it work? What is the best approach to access the order model 
> instance in the last step in the order form?

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