I want to display a timestamp on each BlogPost showing when the post was 
last updated. My first attempt at this was to just show the `updated` 
timestamp from the TimeStamped superclass. However, this timestamp is 
bumped up every time the post is saved for any reason. For instance if a 
user adds a comment, BlogPost gets saved in order to update its 
comment_count field, and `updated` gets bumped as a result. That's no good.

I also have two other RichText-TimeStamped classes that require similar 
functionality. Since I own those classes, the obvious thing would be to 
make an abstract superclass that adds a new modified timestamp field and 
updates it appropriately on save.

But what do I do about BlogPost? I don't own it so my options are limited, 
and I am struggling to come up with a nice way to handle it. 

   - I could add a field through EXTRA_MODEL_FIELDS and monkey patch 
   BlogPost.save() to update it. But I would prefer to use the same logic for 
   the other two classes as for BlogPost.
   - I could monkey patch TimeStamped.save(), but would have to put a super 
   ugly hack so that it only affects the 3 subclasses that I care about.
   - Subclassing BlogPost might be an option, but it would create a new 
   table, which is not fun, plus I already have a bunch of existing blog posts 
   so I'm not sure offhand what I'd do about those.
I am wondering if anyone has a better idea? Is there a nice way to handle 
cases like this that I am missing?

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