Have directed customers to the site and the feedback is similar - could not
find what they were looking for.

First suggestion

Place the first pin on corporate address or address that is designated by
member where to place the pin
When clicking on the pin present to the inquiry what zip codes the provider
has service in.
The system could translate the zip code into a city and state

The inquiry knows where they want service
The next step is to connect the inquiry to the wisp (member)

You could then display the contact information phone number sales e-mail to
the inquiry

Just some constructive thoughts.


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Yes, that is something we certainly need to improve on. Practical
suggestions for implementation are welcome. Do folks find the feature
generally useful?

Claude Aiken
President & CEO

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The wispa.org find a wisp feature is worthless.

                Need to allow a wisp to place the dot on the map or at least
use the WISP address to place the dot


Connect-MI interactive map is non responsive.



Tim Maylone

General Manager - CEO, Cherry Capital Communications

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