Like Korby I'm interested in a way to semantically identify questions and 
answers.  Frances' suggestion of using dl/di/dt/dd would work assuming the <dl> 
indicates that it contains questions.  One example usage would be to list 
unanswered questions:

<dl class="qna">

I can also see value in knowing that free text was matched in an answer.  A 
definition list alone wouldn't add enough semantic info for either case.

On 11/18/06, Korby Parnell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi--
> I can't seem to find any information about "question and answer" microformats 
> on Insofar as I'm new to this list, has there been any 
> backchannel discussion about distributed Q&A systems and a microformat or 
> microformats to support them?
Hi Korby,
I've not come across a "Q&A" specific format being mentioned before -
so this is probably something new :)
You could start gathering a few examples of Q&A systems out there (to
understand what's already being done) and then take a look at how one
might go about marking these with existing formats (if at all - can't
simple Question/Answers be marked with definition lists alone?).

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