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I've obviously been following the recent push to have POSH adopted as a buzzword to discourage people from mis-using the term ‘microformat’ in their semantic endeavours.

Now the whole point of this is to differentiate semantic HTML from microformats, discourage the further ambiguation of the terms. So to be honest I'm a bit put out by the badges that have been added to http://microformats.org/wiki/posh#POSH_Bling_for_your_Blog which include the microformats logo.

As part of our ‘community mark’ experiment I'd like to object to that usage of the microformats logo and ask those badges be removed. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the term, POSH is explicitly supposed to be a super-set of microformats, a generic term invented to help protect the microformats name from being generalised. If the first thing people do — on our own wiki, no less — is tack the microformats logo to it then it will do absolutely nothing toward that goal, and with all the current hype will only accelerate the loss of ‘microformat’ as a name for the Process.

POSH is not a microformat. The documented presence on our wiki is acceptable as ‘microformat’ mis-use is a common problem for us, but I object to it being presented as part of ‘microformats’ through association with the logo. It's just going to cause more confusion.

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