Ok Shreyaank. Then how do we add funds to an account that had nothing in it 
after transactions have been posted to other accounts in journal entries 




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Hi Dayna,
The Migrate Opening Balances will not work if the database is already having 
transaction entries, this is the existing behavior. It will works fine for the 
fresh database with no transaction entries. 

If any migration happens, then in the new database the opening balances need to 
be defined. After migration the entries will be carried forward to the new 
database in which opening balances are defined.


Note:  There should not be any other transactions apart from opening balance 
journal entries.




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Please look into this on priority


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Subject: [Mifos-users] Opening Balance Migrate Error


When Migrating Opening Balances, the following error was received:




I am logged in with SuperUser privilege and verified permissions.


Clients, savings and loan balances have been migrated, but no transactions have 
been made on any accounts.


Have verified the instructions found on wiki and in Answer Hub - Any 


Is there another setting that must be verified or set to allow this function?


Thank you.

Dayna Harp

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Thanks and Regards




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