Hi all,

While this call for input on required features for our mobile field officer
app has gone out before. I want to put a renewed call again as we are just
about to start receiving applications from GSOC interns and we usually
attract a high caliber of mobile development interns.

We're looking to do a project on Mifos Android Client Version 5.0
maintained by the Mifos community and the Fineract CN Mobile 2.0 maintained
by the Apache Fineract community.

We'd love to get your input as to what additional features you require for
Mifos Droid 5.0 and what features you'd like to see for Fineract CN Mobile
2.0. For the latter, the scope of what can be built now might be limited
but we'd still like to gather this critical feedback.

Please reply to this thread or create tickets on the respective issue

Mifos Android Client: https://github.com/openMF/android-client
Fineract CN Mobile: https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/FINCN/

Get your feedback in before the end of this week as students will be
submitting their applications starting next week.

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