The subject is the best I could do for a description, but let me really
describe it.


I have a System running in an RV park, with a Cable Modem feeding a couple
dozen Aps.  I use Mikrotik hotspot with an external service handling AAA and
payment.   It is on a static IP from a cable modem and I have plenty of
spare statics for future use.


I have a new customer that is a marina a couple of miles away. I have
already shot a PtP link over there which works well. Unfortunately the AP
for this shot is fed, not from the cable modem, but from a point behind the
RV park hotspot this point in itself is fed from the cable modem by a couple
of PtP links in between.    Operating in transparent bridge mode, so that
isn't an issue..  So the users at the marina get the login page, etc for the
RV park and basically look like they are RV park residents.    I'm not using
VLANS in the network.


Problem  is  is that I need the users at the Marina not to get the Hotspot
system for the RV Park. Instead they need their own.   I can put another MT
router/hotspot out at the marina but the problem is this feed that is
already behind a hotspot. How can I let one of the external static IPs from
the cable modem pass unrestricted out to that AP that shoots to the Marina
without having the RV hotspot get in the way?  It sounds like a job for
VLANS but that would mean that I'd have to VLAN the entire network at both
places and somehow get the external IP for the marina to go around the first
hotspot somehow.


Can anyone offer any advice how to do this?   


Hopefully this simple diagram comes through and isn't messed up


What I have:

Modem-MT CCR Router---<PtP AP> <PtP CPE> ---(RV Park Aps)


+ <PtP AP to Marina>  <PtP CPE at Marina> --- (Marina Aps)


What I want:

Modem-MT CCR Router---<PtP AP> <PtP CPE> ---(RV Park Aps)


+ <PtP AP to Marina>  <PtP CPE at Marina> --- MT CCR Router---- (Marina Aps)







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