Dear All,

i am new to ipsec so please never mind about newbie question. I have a
mikrotik router on one end and netgear router on another end.
- in policy i define source and destination address (office LAN and remote
office LAN)
- in policy action i define SA Src and SA Dst i defined source and
destination router public IP.
- Peer setting is fine as log shows link is established.
- i also created the NAT rule as define for src-nat in the document.

now the problem i face is i can not see any new route in routing table.
i can not ping the remote network, (of course it is due to no route) but
how can i get the dynamic route from this tunnel
normally all VPN servers like pptp, l2tp, openvpn etc has their interface
dynamically created with pool assigned to tunnel when tunnel established.
however in this case tunnel is established but no interface has been create
not tunnel ip has been assigned. i can not see any option to assign the ip
pool to ipsec tunnel. i dont know if this is default behaviour or a error.
please correct me if i am wrong.
now i do not know how should i add manual route because no interface is
there nor pool ip. please guide.
Any guide or suggestion will be highly appreciated.
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