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Earlier today, I tried applying the update for PSTricks from 2.78 (27-Nov-17 build date) to 2.80a (31-Dec-2017 build date), and doing so caused a consistent and 'fatal' compile error:

! Undefined control sequence
l.31 \if@check@engine

After reverting back to 2.78, compilation proceeded normally. When I diff'd the code in pstrick.tex, the only difference (that seems related to the issue is) in the new code, there is an additional line for \if@check@engine

    \def\c@lor@to@ps{\PSTricks_Not_Configured_For_This_Format}% message for a pdflatex run

Here is the old code for comparison:

  \def\c@lor@to@ps{\PSTricks_Not_Configured_For_This_Format}% message for a pdflatex run

So, something about the newly inserted command, \if@check@engine, is causing compile fails.

For the moment, the solution is to revert back to old pstricks.

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