I am currently trying to generate PDFs with miktex-pdflatex (using system call 
"texify") when miktex portable is located under C:\Program Files. The document 
generation fails without any specific error message.
Texify call from Windows Command Line:
texify -b -c -l latex -p -q "mydocument.tex"
I noticed that in this case the log folder ".. \texmfs\data\miktex\log" that 
usually contains some log files is not created during the intended PDF 
generation and also the log files it should contain (pdflatex.log and 
texify.log) are missing.
When I call the texify command from a command line started with admin rights 
this works fine so I guess this is a problem with file permissions in the 
C:\Program Files directory.
Now my questions:
·         Is it possible to put miktex into the C:\Program Files directory and 
generate documents via texify WITHOUT admin rights?
·         Is it possible to change the target location of those internal miktex 
log files (pdflatex.log, texify.log, etc.) to a folder outside the miktex 
installation (where no admin rights are required)? As far as I could see this 
is the only location where files are modified inside the miktex installation 
during the document generation and writing them to somewhere else could 
possibly solve the issue.

Kind regards
Martin Müller
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