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> Hello,
> I got a new computer Windows 10 and I installed MiKTeX last week. The
> program tries to install all the required packages and it fails. I used the
> package manager and update and I receive a series of errors including:
> Couldn't connect to the server and  the deprecation of outdated MiKTeX
> package manager. The computer is obviously connect to the internet and I
> uninstalled and reinstalled the software already.
> Would you please advise me of how to resolve this as soon as possible?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Nadia

I had a similar experience with MiKTeX on new Windows 10 in December.

You may be able to install a complete MiKTeX so you don't need to install
packages on-the-fly.

MikTeX upgrades have also stopped working for Windows 7 users at my work.
MiKTeX package metadata come from a single server, so if that server is
down or blocked by some firewall, updates aren't possible.  For Windows 10,
TeX Live is available in any of the Linux distros under WSL (but the files
reside in a separate area, so you may have problems, e.g. viewing PDF
output with Window tools), or you can install the Windows version.    TeX
Live has the advantage that it doen'r rely on a single server for updates.
Also, colleagues who work on macOS or linux likely are using TeX Live, as
are many of the TeX developers.  There are some differences in licensing
policies between TeX Live and MikTeX, so there may be some packages
available on MiKTeX that are not in TeX Live.

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