On Fri, 25 May 2018 02:52:04 -0700, TobiBS stated:

>What information do you need? The problem happens during installation as
>described at

I have experienced a similar probblem when updating MiKTeX. The only solution
I found that worked was to:

1) Download the latest version. I use "Net Install" myself
2) Uninstall MiKTeX
3) Remove the program directory completely. I had to enter administrator mode
to accomplish that. It wouldn't let me do it as a regular user
4) Clear out your temp directory
5) Reboot back into regular user mode
6) Reinstall the program

I have no idea why MiKTeX gets bonked up, but it does. I think it is a
permissions problem, but I never took the time to completely debug it

This is on a Windows 10 PRO / 64amd machine.

Good Luck!


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