Tried applying latest updates, and several files which compiled successfully yesterday now fail - error seemingly related to the xstring package, which I don't call explicitly in any of the files I'm working with, but which - apparently - is called by something else. Before the update, the installed version was "1.7c / Wed Oct 23 2013". The latest "source" shown in the update application is "1.81 / Tue Dec 2018". If I apply the update, and try a compile I get the following error:

y) (C:\Users\egc\Desktop\egc\text\MikTeX\tex\latex\translator\translator.sty)))
! I can't find file `xstring.tex'.
l.1 \input xstring.tex

Please type another input file name:

So, apparently, it can't "find" xstring.tex"

which doesn't surprise me, since there is no xstring.tex file, but there is an xstring.sty file (the first line of which is

\input xstring.tex

I'm guessing this is a resurfacing of a bug reported here:

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