Suppose I've create a format file, which I'll call mybook.fmt. How can I make it 'permanently available' for my MikTeX install? I know there a tab in the console for 'formats', but this doesn't quite look like what I need. I don't need to 'build' (compile) the .fmt file, I simply need to put it somewhere to make it available?

I've found a few MikTeX docs that seem to indicate that MikTeX puts formats in c:\ProgramData\MikTeX 2.9, but I've done a 'for me only' install -- I have a MikTeX folder on the desktop for my account, into which I've installed MikTeX. To that end, there is no c:\ProgramData\MikTex 2.9 folder on my machine.

So, is there a way I can make the .fmt files I've created permanently available ('in the path') for my local, user-only install? I suppose I could create a local format folder and add it to TEXMF  root directories (I did that once before with a .sty file I tweaked up), but is that correct for .fmt files?

Thanks in advance...

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