I wasn't able to get to the meeting on Monday night when representatives of the developer met with the Parish Council, and have only now had time to read the proposals as they relate to Milton.

My initial reaction to the relevant section of the document (http://www.mereham.info/admin/uploads/74/Appendix_4.pdf - big at 4.55MB) is that it is very badly written, verbose, and jargon-laden. The standard of written English is poor, and, if this document is intended to bring doubting residents/planners/councillors round to the developer's way of thinking, it has already had a poor start with me. How can we be expected to trust an organisation with our precious village environment if they cannot be bothered even to properly proof-read their proposals?

I am also profoundly troubled by the 'developer knows best' tone. We might just like the village the way it is! We are the people who live here: or is this just to improve the aesthetics of the journey for the Mereham residents using the 'HQPT corridor'?

One of their points is that the road surface is in poor repair, and that their 'improvements' will include a new surface, and better 'legibility' for cyclists. The resurfacing and re-marking earlier this year has taken that argument away. Sure, they can tidy up the road signs, and get rid of some of the street furniture clutter if they want - and I personally wouldn't object to some harmonising of the different designs of street lights along Ely Road/High Street/Cambridge Road so that they better suit a 30mph residential area. However, these are all very peripheral issues.

What I don't understand, and reading the proposals hasn't enlightened me much, is why they are so interested in 'improving' Milton. It has nothing to do with Mereham, other than that their posh bus service will come through, together with their 'rat runners'. Nothing in their proposal would deter the latter - they would just have a nicer view while they queue to go past Tesco.

As for replacing the Jane Coston Bridge - they can't be serious. I know we live in a throw-away society, but this beggars belief!

Their proposal for Milton seems to me to be a misguided attempt to sweeten the bitter pill of serious increases in traffic volumes on the A10, consequent major disruption at the A10/A14 interchange (even when the current remodelling is completed), increased rat running through the village and misery for anyone living in Milton who wants to travel anywhere outside the village between 7am and 8pm. I for one am not taken in by it, and fully support the Parish Council in their initial comments (http://www.miltonvillage.org.uk/opus1310.html). No doubt their further deliberations will uncover more areas for objection.

Gently steaming from the ears,


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