On 09/19/2016 01:48 AM, Marcus Schopen wrote:
> Did you activate all signatures
> or just e.g. sanesecurity sigs? I read activating all signatures turns
> clamav into an evil memory monster, while only activating sanesecurity
> sigs catches most and doesn't need that much resources.

I don't adjust the defaults. I don't use anything that requires signing
up. I just looked into those, but they're for non-commercial use, which
is why they require a sign-up.

> What about pyzor or razor integration? Do they help or just burn
> performance?

I think I tried Pyzor a long time ago and found it worthless, but I have
no idea what it's like now.

We have Razor enabled. Historically, that's been very effective, though
I haven't actually double-checked recently.

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