Hi Nick,

I spoke with our Support and Engineering teams about the history of your 
question, and they shared the answer again which I’ll summarize.

There is an intentional difference between the Spectrum Graph and the Noise 
Floor shown on the Dashboard MIMO Status panel.

The spectrum graph shows both the thermal (kTB) noise floor and the 
interference level above the selected channel.

The Dashboard MIMO Status panel also includes the adjacent channel noise. This 
is sometimes a higher number depending on what interference sources are 

The reason why adjacent channel noise is included is to prevent TPC from making 
downward corrections to Tx power that would likely result in fluctuation 
modulation in the presence of interference that bleeds over into your selected 

We’ve had our engineers look at your radios directly, and they have verified 
that they are functioning as designed both from hardware and software 

Best regards,
Chris Trout
Mimosa Networks, Inc.

On 8/9/17, 2:51 PM, "mimosa-boun...@wispa.org on behalf of Nick Bright" 
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    On 6/22/2017 4:35 PM, Rory Conaway wrote:
    > All the 802.11 based radios are going to be pretty close although some 
radios either have or claim to have additional filtering to lower noise from 
out of band.  I've never seen a single piece of data proving that however, and 
I've asked.  The difference is more likely going to be in the antenna choice 
than the radio.
    > Rory
    I'm asking for specific data, on specific links, because I have radios I 
    believe to be faulty; which Mimosa states are not.
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